Computer science is an integral part of the curriculum of our school. The whole class can learn through plasma and practice on their own computers.

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Library and Reading Room

Fully furnished Library with latest study martial, reference books, periodicals, newspapers (regional and national) and interesting books for children of all ages.

Hi-Tech Media Room

The school owns first highly technical and fully furnished media room of its own kind with 42”. Plasma projector, audio-visual aids, surround sound CD player and computer to provide practical and 3 dimensional meticulous education.

Sports and Games


Electronic Surveillance

Safe and supportive atmosphere arranged through round the clock Electronic surveillance and security guards

School’s Own Transport

The school buses cover 25kms area around the school , Students are helped to corss the road by helpers. First aid kit and Fire fighting equipments give the students fear-free journey.

Special Needs Students

Extended help for special-needs students are always there.

Medical Facilities

Medical Aid Room with first-aid kit and immediate medical assistance is provided in school round the clock.

Fire Safety

The building itself provides fire safety to the students .All the rooms have their own exit and open area. Fire extinguisher and other fire fighting equipments given children freedom of any incidents.