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Golden Earth Convent School was established in the year 2010 and is managed by Shri Krishna Educational Charitable and Social Welfare Trust (Regd.) Golden Earth Convent School is started by our visionaries with the aim to provide excellence in education in this rural area (Jogewala).Today with the endeavour of the Management, Principal, Qualitative staff and concerned parents, the school enjoys the distinction of being the first ever CBSE affiliated English Medium, Co- Educational Secondary School of Jogewala, (Moga) LOCATION & CLIMATE:- The school is situated in a pollution free atmosphere Away from the hustle and bustle of the city life at Jogewala, Moga–Ferozepur road, just a few kms. from Moga city. The serene and tranquil environment provides enough opportunity to touch with the nature and understanding the traditional Indian rural – urban milieu.

From Chairman’s Desk

“Education is the most powerful weapon Which you can use to change the world.”
In the fast growing competitive world, the task and the responsibility of the academic and professional institution was perhaps never as challenging as it is today. Spirit of competition is spreading widely throughout the world. Institution vie (compete) with each other for better performance and position seeing such holistic view in the field of education, we decided to construct Golden Earth Convent School- A temple of learning for all children of concerned rural area. Today we impart high quality education along with multi-dimensional development of the learner. We also ensure that the school has a soul i.e. its system which is punctuated by moral purpose and has a societal and ethical objective. We, thus, tailor schooling to provide all round development of child. We educate them for a purpose…..to lead a fulfilling life. We seek your cooperation to make this venture successful. We take Pride in how far we have come, We have faith in How far we can go..... CHAIRMAN - Mr. Baldev Krishan Arora

From President’s Desk

Education if delivered in true sense, Can transform generation
Discipline, values and integrity are the very foundations of this school. We aim not to just impart knowledge to the students, but also to inculcate wisdom, compassion and a humanitarian spirit in them.. we are making school with a difference. We value individualism, creativity and strive to nurture them in our students. Keeping abreast with the present day competitive scenario, we prepare our students anot only in the field of academic but also imbibe (absorb and assimilate idea and knowledge) in them the moral and ethical value of our society. “ We mould our learners first as Social beings then as scholars”. With the endeavoUrs of the sincere team of Golden Earth Convent School we hold a prestigious position in rural areas that parents feel proud to call their wards ‘ Goldenians’ Every Child Matters! MR. MANINDER PAL ARORA

From Directors’s Desk

“I feel often lost, into The eager, Earnest and Imploring eyes of child with Innocent Gestures and expression Mesmerized and lost into infinity……” DR.NEETU ARORA DIRECTOR

From Principal’s Desk

I feel obliged while presenting my perspective and perceptions about the life, existence of nature, knowledge, education, and each element within the universe. The views kept on varying with the observation, experience and hypotheses. The quest to explore the essence or sublime remained uncontented and the impelling innate and instinctive impetus never allowed my desirous and exploring self to settle. And so I readily and steadily kept on reading and studying books after books, epics, hymns, verses, sermons or discourses written or composed by great philosophers, Educationist and scholar but could not find any pragmatic solution. An earnest desire guided to introspect self and this certainly enabled to realize an infinite space conceived within the self, having infinite potential to satisfy all the quest desire, mysteries etc. evolved within the self. ........ MR. VINOD SHARMA PRINCIPAL

Our staff is well qualified and working as a team for the all over development of the child in this school. Current session staff detail